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Ylenia Gortana, the founder of Softskill.Atelier, studied fashion and product design. With Softskill.Atelier, she has made it her mission to teach the craft of fashion making. Step by step, participants are taught the necessary skills from concept to finished piece. Ylenia's approach combines traditional craftsmanship with the future-oriented and vibrant Berlin and fashion themes.

Ylenia's motivation

Ylenia wants to convey a message with Softskill.Atelier to make her customers and followers aware of what it means to "make fashion". For her, it is very clear that through the experience of DIY, it is possible to understand how much work and time it takes to make a garment. In the course of a workshop or tutorial, her students learn to develop a new relationship to fashion consumption. A fashion consumption that takes into account issues such as sustainability and fairness in the fashion industry.

Offers & Services

At times before Corona, workshops were mostly given by Ylenia at the Oneofakind.Collective Studio in Kreuzberg. An association of three Berlin-based designers, including Softskill.Atelier. In November 2020, Ylenia started to build a Softskill.Atelier online community due to closed doors. At regular intervals, she now packages and publishes her workshop content via tutorials and posts them on the Softskill.Atelier YouTube channel. From the summer of 2021, courses will again be offered and parallel the online offering will also be further expanded. In addition to the workshops, upcycling individual items are also produced, again entirely in the spirit of sustainability. These are one-off designs, which are created from old shirts.

Offers & services summarised:

• Courses and Workshops
• Youtube Videos/ Tutorials/ Sewalongs (partly with patterns)
• Upcycling of individual pieces - "Individuals
• Design orders


Schönleinstrasse 26
10967 Berlin